DJ Tim Tempest

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DJ Tim Tempest was a player of Liquidy Drum and Bass, Classic Disco Funk, San Francisco House and Rave Anthems. Fun tunes to get your groove onto in bars he said.

In Tokyo he was resident DJ for The Simones, the bestist band in Tokyo, if not the world.

DJ Tim Tempest took a Degree in how to design toasters. Much to his eventual benefit he spent most of his time clubbing in Shellys, The Hacienda, Entropy and the Eclipse.

On graduating he moved to Birmingham and spent a year speaking properly for BBC radio, before falling headlong into the murky dirty bassline world of underground pirate radio.
Hundreds of hours of high quality legal radio followed, taking time to pass on technical skills to those less fortunate than himself for various Youth Employment Initiatives. Working behind a record counter for seven years was the only job he could find where he could rinse out tunes all day. Luckily he chose to work at Tempest Records not Virgin.

Tim appeared in the feature length documentary film Headspace, oozing musical memories about all of the above.

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The Hacienda - Manchester, England

If you scroll to the end you will see me dancing centre frame. If you watch back through it again you'll I appear many times :-)
Me in a video at the Hacienda… oh wow


"HEADSPACE, an 85-minute documentary, was filmed in ten countries over the course of three years and brings us to the mystical land of electronic music parties and the people creating them. The film is a multi-sensory journey stemming from years of dance music evolution, delivering the stories of those encapsulated by the scene. A cosmic voyage filled with superstar and underground DJ’s*, side-trips with characters of the night, and a sound track comprised of over 20 top electronic musicians will open your soul as a dedicated search for THE PARTY will explain why the sounds have captured the global heart."

*DJ Tim Tempest.
...bargain-basement visionary work that deploys evocative filmmaking devices to induce a 3-a.m.-on-the-dance-floor mindset, a feeling that time is suspended and that the only thing that matters is the beat... ” - NY Times

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Tempest Records, Birmingham, England

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