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The music we stock at Upfader Records is also a reflection of the great people I meet in various cities around the world. From my home town of Birmingham UK to my new home in Tokyo."
Tim Tempest
Upfader Records is an audio outlet for all the tracks that Tim Tempest likes to listen to.
"Every day I hear great tracks that never get released. I've sat in studios listening to awesome tracks that will never be heard by others. Upfader Records allows me to give exposure to those tracks.
I hope to encourage these artists to write more great songs by selling the ones they have already made.
The store has a great range of music styles.This is simply a reflection of the variety of music I get to listen to. I love to hear a great track and see the crowd respond. Its all about music for me.
Be it to a classroom full of 3 year olds singing to a Magic Crayons track, or a twisted gurner shocking out to Kut D.

The Simones

J-Rock Pop

The Simones are a six piece rock n' roll band that have been playing on the Tokyo circuit for over three years now.

Their eclectic style matches the metropolis they play in; unique and irreverent while combining the best of all worlds.

The Simones pay homage to musical greats mixed with their original composition and explore all genres, which means just one thing - it's all good and all fun!

写真下左から Dave White ベース、 Dave Antich ボーカル、 Dave Seward リードギター、 Bradley "Dave" Bennett キーボード ファーストアルバム"Hand Claps And Finger Snaps" は今年リリース予定。また彼らは現在、英語学習用の子供達への楽曲も制作している。
Visit The Simones website for latest news, and sizzling hot photos of the band.

The Simones のフロントマンDJMAXのバックアップバンドとしてスタートした4人組は ロックをこよなく愛すロックバンドとして独り立ちした。 彼らのエレクトリックかつユニークで肩の力の抜けた音楽スタイルは活動拠点であるメトロポリタンシティ、東京にマッチしている
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The Simones - I Wanna Meet Koda Kumi

Koda Kumi
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The Simones - Sangenjaya

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The Simones - Fast Car

Fast Car
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The Simones - Fast Car EP
Want To Meet Koda Kumi
Fast Car


Drum and Bass

BHX is causing a major stir globally with his distinctive Drum & Bass. DJ Support: Pendulum, DJ Marky, DJ Fabio, Noisia, Adam F, J Majik, DJ Die, Fierce, Calyx, Teebee, Bailey, Hive, Vicious Circle, Red One, Instra:mental, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, LTJ Bukem, Blu Mar Ten, Nu Tone, among many others.
Huge support (thank you!) from Pendulum, DJ Marky, Fabio, Noisia, Adam F, J Majik, DJ Die, Fierce, Break, Calyx, Teebee, Bailey, Hive, Vicious Circle, Red One, Instra:mental, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, LTJ Bukem, Blu Mar Ten, Nu Tone, among many others..
Free mixes featuring BHX tracks:
Teebee on DNBTV plays BHX "Black Gold".

DJ Tim Tempest


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DJ Tim Tempest took a Degree in how to design toasters. Much to his eventual benefit he spent most of his time clubbing in Shellys, The Hacienda, Entropy and the Eclipse.
Should you or your company require any of his skills, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tim Tempest. He’s a very nice chap and very good at what he does.

The massive Weed Tune Dubplate kicks serious ass with monstrous vocal talents of Slaughter Jon (Basement Jaxx), Daddy Freddy (fastest rapper in the world. Go look in the Guiness Book of records!), Bungo Chilli and Billy Ruckus.
Current projects:

Producing and Remixing original English children's songs for Japanese kindergarten students as one of The Magic Crayons.
On graduating he moved to Birmingham and spent a year speaking properly for BBC radio, before falling headlong into the murky dirty bassline world of underground pirate radio.

Hundreds of hours of high quality legal radio followed, taking time to pass on technical skills to those less fortunate than himself for various Youth Employment Initiatives.

Working behind a record counter for seven years was the only job he could find where he could rinse out tunes all day. Luckily he chose to work at Tempest Records not Virgin.

Tim will be appearing in the forthcoming feature length documentary film Headspace, oozing musical memories about all of the above.
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Weed Tune (Slaughter Mix)

Play Slaughter
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Weed Tune (Vesta Mix)

Play Vesta
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Weed Tune (Breakstep Mix)

Play Breakstep
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Weed Tune (High Grade Mix)

Play High Grade
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Weed Tune EP

Slaughter Mix
Breakstep Mix
Vesta Mix
High Grade Mix
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Weed Tune EP

Slaughter Mix
Breakstep Mix
Vesta Mix
High Grade Mix

DJ Kut D Coal Miner

Drum and Bass

His first taste....
Being a shy child, at the age of 6 was his first ambitions of being a dj although he didn't kno it yet. Playing his mom's 7" records, while his aunty, mom & siblings danced, he got the buzz. So as time went on & destroyed speakers & hifi equipment he began to look forward to what he could do with the sounds.

His first taste of music was at the legendary Handsworth Carnival, where he met Dj Scooby Swift & Mc Ninja. This was the steppin stone that would take him to where he was today.

The Birth....
For is love for Hip Hop, started performing when he was 15 with his friends for fun & performed with many big sounds like Rare Groove, Love Injection, Wasifa HIFI. It was clear that he had a talent for DJing and he would often make up beats with his mouth.. Jungle, Garage came later after messing around doing this for a couple of years.... he was invited onto a local Birmingham pirate station Metro FM to do a weekly old (anthing goes) show, which gave him even more of a buzz as his popularity increased. Shortly after this..... promoters were actually enquiring about his services to perform at events!

Humble beginnings....
It was 1989 when Coalminer (aka Kut.D aka The Evil Genius) attended his first Jungle rave aged 19 at the Birmingham Hummingbird. The energy of that rave was something that stayed imbedded in his mind for many years and awoke a desire to one day perform on the big stage himself...
Turning point#1....

The Bass InvaderZ/Bass Invader Gang (B.I.G.)...

In 2006, a crew was formed. The Bass InvaderZ. This crew consisted of 7 members. DJs Kut.D, Tension, Kendo then 2yrs later new recruit Nomad with MCs DW, Bones, Style One, this is where we started forming our own style & sound.
Their status within the dnb scene began to grow as they performed at small & big events alike..

Turning point #2....
It wasn’t long though before Coalminer decided that something was missing. He had held shows on every big pirate radio station in
With his love for music Coalminer who is the founder CEO, decided to use his knowledge & position to bring forth an entertainment agency, which is run side by side with Old Skool Legend
Robbie 'detonator' D to help up & comin artists get a taste of what it is like on the circuit. In the last few months he as signed up RAT PACK, SKIBBA.D, FEARLESS, TRIGGA, ,
just to name afew.

Filthy Technique Records....
Coalminer is now the proud partner of his own record label, which is the sister label to 'Filthy Business' which is run side by side with the upcoming dj star Aprentis.

The Future....
With bookings already under his belt for established events such as Legends of the Dark Black, Starlight, Creation, Outbreak, Muzik Hertz, Konkrete AmazZon, Ignition, Sub:bohmz, & Punch.. Coalminer can only really go onwards and upwards in the world of Drum and Bass.

A BBLU clothing line is on the way and a number of events are planned.. Coalminer has already produced a number of Flyin' Squad tunes using the vocal talents by the squads own Trigga, Nutcracka & Jaff but also in the pipeline is collaborations with artists from other genres.

Firmly in the pilots seat with and pushing the boundaries... Coalminer is ready to make waves in 2010 and beyond!!!!!
Birmingham after moving on from Smooth to Serious FM 93.3, Passion FM 92.0 and Silk City FM 101 and was securing bookings for himself in the dnb scene but he still longed to perform to bigger crowds. He decided that he would try and maximise his potential and be active in both scenes at once. It was an ambitious decision but Coalminer was confident enough in his abilities as an DJ to try it and it paid off as audiences up and down the country responded positively to his performances on stage and it was not long before he was getting booked for events off the back of the buzz he had created for himself.

His DJin & producing skills was fast becoming etched on the brain of ravers all over... "the coal, the coal, The COALMINER" - "Diggin' it deeper". In less than a year, Nutcracka had ravers chanting some of his catchphrase's back at him!


Early 2005, Kut.D met up with the Hakmob CEO, Richard Moses aka Big Moe... brother & friend to the legends '2 Pac & Hussein Fatal of the OutlawZ'.
With his producing skills under his belt, himself with Big Moe they combined & came up with their first track 'We're in Here' which quckly started to be heard world wide,
which was also then heard by two of Big Moe's closest friends, 'Gunz & Xclusive'. So these two artists took time out from their busy schedule, flew to the UK to record another track titled 'Ride for my .......'.

The Flying Squad....

In 2007, Nutcracka had the idea to form his own Drum and Bass collective. They were to be called the Flyin' Squad.
The idea behind this was to form a crew of hot up and coming MC’s and DJ’s and merge them into a crew.
This crew consists of DJ Coalminer (Kut D) and MC’s Trigga, Nutcracka, RD, Shade 1, LD, Mr Kid,
DJ Layza, Rizo and newest recruits DJ Selecta X and MC Jaff.
The members have jumped on the wave of modern technology and put out a number of podcast mixes on the internet which have gained them popularity within the Drum and Bass scene and raised their status, paving the way for bookings!

BBLU MANAGEMENT entertainment agency
(Birmingam Bristol Link Up)
Now a 20-year veteran of the music scene, Bassman talked to the Birmingham Mail, England, about his roots and why he wants to keep performing prior to his annual birthday party event last July...

“I began MC-ing in the 1980s on the local reggae circuit and in 1987 I went to my first ever acid house party,” says Bassman.

“I loved the whole thrill of going to this type of night, the mystery of not knowing where the rave was. I liked having to ring an info line on the night of the event and joining a mobile convoy and ending up at some huge warehouse.

“The people and the atmosphere were things I had never experienced in my life and from that moment I knew this was it for me and I switched from reggae sound systems to rave culture.

He adds: “My performances are about fun and not just about driven lyrics to that of a rapper, even though I do flow lyrically. But the main emphasis for me is to host, compere and make the crowd laugh.
“I’m in my mid-40s now and I do get asked when I’ll retire because I’ve been around for so long. I say as long as I am healthy and my vocals keep working and I love what I do

“I’ll keep going, look at Tom Jones he’s 70 odd and still going, I’d have thought when I’m 50 its time to call it a day. For now so long as the people want to see me and I’m healthy I’ll keep going.”

From Birmingham Mail article Jul 10 2009.
“I am known as the king of the one liners, for me its all about having fun and doesn’t have to be so serious. Its nice to see people laughing their heads off at my shows while dancing the night away. I’m a comedian deepdown and I implement this in my shows.”

And he says performing in Birmingham is still one of his greatest loves.

“I love my home city, this is where it all began. From Birmingham, this MC career has taken me all over the world but when I touch down in Birmingham its electric.

“I have deep history musically here in Birmingham and I get so much love. It’s special and somthing I cherish very much.”

And he says there’s still plenty to come from him yet.

DJ Max


A one man band in the truest sense of the term. Formed in the rubble of the groundbreaking but ultimately doomed techno/bluegrass band "Fagwop," DJ Max has proved to himself and to the community of Sangenjaya that music can, in fact, be both listenable AND completely moronic.

Visit DJ Max myspace page.
참고 :
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DJ Max Website
DJ Max Wikipedia
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You may have arrived at this page looking for Pentavision’s DJ Max, the PC, Sony PSP fever game trilogy thats huge in Korea. For news, official sites, shop, wallpapers, cheats, unlock guides, reviews and other information on this action rhythm video game please click the links below.
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Scientist Sound System


Scientist Sound System is one the most famous and most active bands in the UK. They operate in Birmingham and their core is Paul Pinnock (a/ka Robb Dread). Sound system plays mainly roots, drum&bass, hip hop, R&B, reggae – everything (as they say) what makes people dance.

The members of Scientist Sound System are Robbo Dread and his brother. They are often share stage with excellent vocals, such as Jamo, whose voice is both soothing and charismatic.

The group closely cooperates with the members of Steel Pulse (who, by the way, also come from Birmingham).

All Scientist Sound Speakers by FANE.

Robbo is HUGE in Poland, hence all the Polish on this site :-)
Ponadto, grupa blisko współpracuje z członkami Steel Pulse, którzy również pochodzą z Birmingham.
Będzie to pierwszy występ grupy w Polsce, chociaż Robbo wspólnie z Andy Scholsem jako Henry & Louie zagrali w zeszłym roku dwutygodniową trasę z Habakuk oraz wystąpili na One Love 2008. Ich występ spotkał się z rewelacyjnym przyjęciem.
Visit Scientist Sound System myspace page HERE.
Scientist Sound System to jeden z najbardziej znanych i aktywnych składów w Anglii. Bazą grupy jest Birmingham, zaś sercem grupy Paul Pinnock a/ka Robo Dread. Sound system porusza się w rejonach Roots -Drum & Bass - Hip Hop - R&B - Reggae Mouse. Jak sami mówią: "In fact anything that makes people dance". Skład zespołu stanowi Robbo Dread i jego brat. Wraz z nimi śpiewają różni zaprzyjaźnieni wokaliści, w ostatnim czasie rewelacyjny Jamo, operujący świetną ciepłą, charyzmatyczną barwą głosu. Bracia Pinnock mają na koncie udział w filmie fabularnym o zespole UB 40, o tytule: "Latour of Love". W jednej ze scen "rozpędzają" całą imprezę, zaś całe granie odbywa się na ich sound systemie, wzmacniaczach itp.

Blackrose Projects


Blackrose Projects are an Independent Record label specializing in urban, RnB, Hip Hop, Dance/Chillout, Reggae and indie-Rock both underground and commercial.
Our roster of artists include members of RNT - formerly of Sony/London/FFrr Records.
The label currently hosts DJ's. Male and Female rappers, singers and a range of producers with over 20 years experience in the industry. Blackrose Projects works in conjunction with The 3G's, Studio 14 and King Stanley Productions from Rugby.
About Prince Jamo aka Blackrose
Birmingham born singer, songwriter and producer started his career at the age of ten. First group at the age of thirteen playing the drums then went onto singing until he joined his brothers group at the age of seventeen. Ruff Neck Trilogy (one of DJ Tim Tempests all time favourite tracks) included Bonzo and King Stanley and was born out of the sound of Reggae. Membership later increased when they were joined by CFax and Scotty both hailing from Warwickshire sound systems. R.N.T hit the road in 1992 until the group were signed in 1996 by Erskine Thompson to London Records and Sony Publishing. Through Pete Tong and Erskine they managed to secure part of the Human Traffic soundtrack for RNTs "Bad Boy" single that became an underground hit in clubs around the UK.
Previously played at gigs including The Drum in Birmingham, Roar Showcase in London and regularly for Marcus Garvey Day and the Birmingham Carnival as well as Black History Month in both Coventry and Birmingham. This year alone, gigs secured include Rototom Reggae Sunsplash in Osoppo, Italy, as well as closer to home at Manchester, Leeds and Tottenham Carnivals.

Ian Jamo Myspace
After the untimely death of Erskine the boys went their own direction. Jamo relocated back to Birmingham where he went onto start and manage the project Making Music Work, a project setup to help unemployed musicians find work. Formed partnerships with Dep International, home of UB40, The Jamhouse and Hard Rock Café to profile local artists, giving the winners of the competitions the chance to professionally record at Dep International and receive development. Went on to become the Manager of Birmingham Music Network, which provided advice and guidance to employed musicians. Now fully concentrating on Blackrose Projects to raise the game in the Midlands and expand the enterprise to a worldwide marketplace.
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