The Simones

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Dave S has been playing guitar and singing in The Simones since they started in 2007.

Favourite guitarist is John Lee Hooker, and perhaps John Frusciante and Kurt Cobain being in the top 3.

He loves listening to all kinds of music, but is a grunge boy at heart.

Came to Japan from England about in 2005 and has never looked back.

Still spells colour and favourite with a "u". Been working as a kindergarten teacher of English to Japanese children all that time and loves the job.

Biggest love: playing live. Biggest fear: breaking a string whilst playing live (again).
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DJ Max is a person who lives in Sangenjaya, Tokyo.

He sings songs in a band called The Simones.

Sometimes he brings his friend Chad to band practice. When Chad is happy, he likes to play with the band.

DJ Max has lived in Tokyo for five years. He teaches English to kindergarten kids for money.

He enjoys watching movies and drinking alcoholic beverages. 

He is neither a DJ nor a Max.
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Yuriko joined The Simones in 2008, bringing flare and pizzaz with her jazzy trombone and smooth vocals.

Is not dating any of The Simones. Is dating The Simones official cameraman.

Hailing from Chiba, she spent 3 years in the UK working as a fashion designer.

She has been playing the trombone for 6 years with brass bands, The Simones being her first venture into rock world.

Spells colour and favourite with a "u". Dream: to retire and live somewhere in Spain, to take part in "La Tomatina" (the tomato festival).
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Charlie Crest Drive joined the Simones with his friend Dave who plays the guitar.

He hopes to be the Keith Richards of the band, though I am not as cool as him...but there is always the future.

He smokes cigarettes.
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Mr. White plays bass.

Being the oldest member of the band, he can often be found dozing at the bar or mumbling to himself about the cost of living these days and how young people have no respect for their elders.

A confirmed Smiths fan, he's can clearly remember seeing them live on the Meat Is Murder tour in Birmingham, UK.

Most other memories are a vague blur.
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Andy (or Tyrone) bangs drums.

He is the second youngest member of the group although he looks a day older than the others.

He met the band in a sheep when Charlie Crest was briefly out of his mind.

The last to join in 2009, much to the annoyance of Chad the drum machine.

Favorite stickman: Stephen Morris.

Eats natto. Drinks stout.
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