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All songs are available from The Magic Crayons Store.

The Magic Crayons are a unique combination of professional song writers, musicians, performers and artists. They all currently live and work in Japan as preschool or Kindergarten English Teachers.

They have created 32 amazing songs for young English students, all available in their Music Store.

Playfully blending great music, lyrics and grammar structures we produce songs that are fun for children, kids, students, parents and teachers alike.

These catchy songs are fantastic, high quality teaching tools with many satisfied Japanese Kindergartens and teaching staff. They particularly suit those learning English as a second language.
All the children’s games, phonics activities, crafts and Dr. Suess lesson plans have been written by ourselves. If you have any questions on how best to use them please do contact us via out Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your photos. Please feel free to submit your own photos too.

You can buy all our children’s songs in
our store plus from our digital download partners including iTunes and Amazon.

Please start your Magical journey into English today, with our free MP3 downloads.

Let’s have fun learning English!

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The Magic Crayons